Over the last decade, YouTube has become the main English-speaking medium for broadcasting « edutainment » content – videos which are both educative and entertaining – to a wide, varied and engaged audience. In France, several independant creators delivering this type of content are already very successful. However, very few French higer education institutions have launched their own YouTube channels.

This is why we decided to shoot our own videos: the Lutetium Project is a students’ initiative supported by scientific and artistic institutions as well as a science museum, all members of PSL Research University Paris. We intend to showcase visually-striking experimental research topics previously little seen on the Internet, both in English and in French. We will either explain scientific concepts, interview researchers in their lab, or set research experiments to music.

Our project sits at the crossroads between science and arts, between students and researchers, between original content and outreach: we hope that this innovative endeavour will catch your eye! Come back to us on Tuesdays, every three weeks starting October 4th, 2016, to watch our videos!



By the way, what the heck is lutetium?

Lutetium is a chemical element discovered in 1907 by Georges Urbain, an ESPCI alumnus, who christened this new atom with the Latin name for the City of Paris. The choice of this element for the name of our channel is a testimony to our interest in the scientific Parisian heritage: thus, we will probably release a few videos focusing on history of sciences at some point!