In this webpage are gathered the references for all the images pinned to our blackboard. Lutetium being the ultimate Parisian element, we decided to display every single representation of the Eiffel Tower we could find in the scientific literature. If you would like to submit more, please contact us! Click on the images to follow the link to the article or the site from which they came.


Eiffel-Tower-patterned millifluidic chips filled with a coloured liquid

MMN lab, ESPCI Paris
© Agence Proxima


Paper-based microfluidic chips demonstrating the flow of two dyes

Laura Magro, MMN lab, ESPCI Paris
© Guillaume Durey


Spatial control over the making of fluorescent molecules

Marine Bézagu et al., MMN lab, Institut Langevin et LCO, ESPCI Paris


Spatial control over the release of fluorescent molecules using ultrasound waves

Olivier Couture et al., Institut Langevin, ESPCI Paris


Eiffel-Tower-shaped millifluidic circuit on a PDMS chip

MMN lab, ESPCI Paris
© Laurent Ollier


Flow-induced deformation of a polymeric fiber attached in a channel

PMMH lab, ESPCI Paris
© Jason Wexler


Hydrophilic pattern emerging from the filling of hydrophobic channels

ESPCI Paris, Schlumberger


3D printing

Science cover of March 30th, 2015 featuring the 3D-printing « CLIP » technology

John R. Tumbleston et al., Carbon3D Inc.
© Deanne Fitzmaurice


Example of a 3D-printed object using the « CLIP » technology

John R. Tumbleston et al., Carbon3D Inc.


3D Printing an Eiffel Tower in under seven minutes

John R. Tumbleston et al., Carbon3D Inc.


A 1-mm high Eiffel Tower printed by two-photon lithography

Nanoscribe GmbH



Superconducting Eiffel Tower

Alexandre Echasseriau, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides d’Orsay
© Julien Bobroff, La Physique Autrement


Cell biology

HeLa cells on fibronectin micropatterns

Timothée Vignaud and Manuel Théry, CEA


Fluid dynamics

Miniature Eiffel Tower on a porous disc levitating due to calefaction

Emmanuel Fort and Antonin Eddi, Institut Langevin and PMMH lav, ESPCI Paris
© Guillaume Durey, Hoon Kwon


Instantaneous time-reversal of the capillary waves emitted by an Eiffel Tower shape

Vincent Bacot et al., Institut Langevin, ESPCI Paris


Poster for the 1997 International Couette-Taylor Workshop in Paris

José-Eduardo Wesfreid, Laboratoire Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes, ESPCI Paris


Explanation of super-resolved microscopy using the blinking of the Eiffel Tower

Ricardo Henriques, LMCB, University College London


ESPCI postcards

Souvenir de Paris

© Antonin Crenn


Panorama parisien

© Sylvain Gilat


The Curies’ experiment